Fibre Fest sure to leave visitors in stitches

By Richard Turtle

EMC Events -Stirling -At the local museum you won’t have the wool pulled over your eyes.

Instead, with the introduction of the Fibre Fest, volunteers at Farmtown Park are hoping to shed a little light on the art of needlework, quilting, spinning and knitting.

Scheduled for July 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the event will highlight several talented fibre artists who will be displaying their work and demonstrating their skills, says organizer and museum volunteer Louise Livingstone.

Not only will it offer exposure for local producers and artisans, but it will also give consumers a look at some unique work and specialized skills.

Organizers are currently seeking participants and have invited several local fibre artists to take part in order to share their expertise with visitors and museum staff alike. It is hoped, she says, that some of the visiting experts might be able to offer the museum some input on the care and display of textile artifacts now in their possession.

And, Livingstone notes, there is still plenty of room for more contributors. While there are events that feature patchworks or embroidery or lace making, she says the museum is striving to combine all the elements of weaving, knitting and textile work in a single Fibre Fest.

“Join us and be fascinated,” she says.

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